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Kraken Power is a progressive ‘design and build’ engineering capability which draws expertise from a wide-ranging cross-sector network to deliver novel, cutting-edge powertrain and engineering solutions for the performance maritime sector. Adopting a versatile and dynamic engineering ‘skunk works’ approach to the development of technological solutions, Kraken Power is engaged on both internal and external assignments in the development of innovative, technological solutions to real-world maritime challenges. Intentionally freed from the usual inertias and constraints of big corporate engineering departments, Kraken Power combines open-minded, dynamic, experimental, solution-oriented approaches to outcome-focused problem solving and delivery of game-changing technologies for clients.

With its roots in the current electric-powered UIM World Speed Record holding V20E and the fastest remotely-operated USV MV-1 prototype, current Power work streams continue those Connected, Electrified and Autonomous themes. These include the ‘K27 Concept’ design and engineering study, developing innovative hybrid and battery electric powertrain solutions, and a host of other similarly progressive programmes.