Boat A BW 02 1024x576 - KRAKEN K50

The KRAKEN K50 is a built for purpose, ultra-high performance maritime platform, capable of rapid response and massive solo or swarmed force projection in defence of national or naval maritime assets, sovereign waters and critical civil or commercial infrastructure. 

Inspired by the efficacy and naval doctrine options enabled through the use of heavily-weaponised, swarm-based, planing powerboats of the WW2 era, KRAKEN is every inch the spiritual successor to the renowned Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat and PT Boat type craft. Engineered from the keel up as a fully integrated weapons platform to exceed anything currently available, KRAKEN K50 simply delivers more performance, more effective strike capability and more mission specific customisation. This combination of innovative engineering, diligent naval architecture, and massive operational capability makes the KRAKEN equally effective in both deterrent and effector roles.

KRAKEN K50 is available in two variants:

K50A is the fully-equipped and definitive maritime precision engagement craft, complete with formidable weaponisation and unsurpassed performance envelope. The Kraken is truly game-changing, offering forward-looking, progressive navies unsurpassed flexibility and opportunity to innovate with new realms of doctrine being unlocked in addressing new and ever-changing threats.

K50B addressees the interdiction, interception and fast patrol needs of navies, border forces and law-enforcement agencies. Drawing on the same engineering philosophy, innovative mindset and able to be equipped to varying degrees to meet specific briefs, Kraken K50B provides extraordinary performance and appropriate levels of weaponisation in conjunction with unprecedented mission-specific customisation opportunity.


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