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Kraken Technology Group provides precision design, advanced engineering and modular technological innovation to the performance marine market. This includes integrated security platforms, precision composite hull design or advance powertrain enhancement. Kraken is a lateral thinking industry disruptor, embracing change and taking inspiration from other industry sectors and processes.

Kraken’s precision engagement solutions benefit from extensive operational and doctrinal insights provided by advisors with real-world experience of countering coastal threats. Kraken’s fast-intercept platforms will further push the boundaries of operational performance and capability and are designed to exceed the requirements of these often complex and unpredictable scenarios.

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The K50 KRAKEN is a built for purpose, ultra-high performance maritime platform, capable of rapid response and massive solo or swarmed force projection in defence of national or naval maritime assets, sovereign waters and critical civil or commercial infrastructure.

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K40 MANTA is an innovative un-crewed surface/sub-surface vessel, providing autonomous operation, multi-mission capability through interchangeable mission modules and built-in platform capability for ISTAR missions.

MANTA provides extraordinary mission versatility through modular payload, high availability and low at-sea maintenance. It is deployable in a standard ISO container or C-130 air-portable with a low logistical footprint.

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K60 SABRE is a tactical recce, manoeuvre and support vessel, designed primarily to convey Marines and operational equipment from standoff capital ship assets at speed through blue and green water environments to a landing site.

Featuring a wave-piercing bow, longitudinal hull steps and low signature design with low draft, V8 diesel-powered jet drive propulsion and innovative landing and beaching capabilities, SABRE provides a unique capability from mothership or austere operating bases.

Offering rapid personnel and equipment transit, SABRE is an ideal tool for littoral force projection.

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