Progressive maritime powering solutions

Kraken are maritime high-performance experts, and have refocused the expertise that achieved the current UIM Outright Electric World Speed Record onto the integration of battery electric, hybrid and enhanced powertrain solutions into fast security and leisure boat platforms.


By adopting a versatile and dynamic ‘skunk works’ approach to the challenges of powering fast boats, Kraken specialises in providing innovative, technological integration solutions which deliver genuine real-world advantages and required characteristics to end-users. Freed from the inertias and constraints of big corporate engineering department process, Kraken adopts an open-minded, experimental, solution-focused approach to powering and tech integration challenges.

Advanced powertrain development

With experience gained through the development of the current UIM Outright Electric World Speed Record powertrain, Kraken offers optimal powering and integration solutions for any small boat scope of operation. 

Whether improving drivability characteristics, reducing operator cognitive load, or meeting ever more stringent emission regulations, Kraken Marine provides bespoke technology-enabled solutions which improve the performance and capability of defence and security craft.


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