kraken technology 12 1024x512 - KRAKEN GT

A provocative statement of style, sophistication, performance and class for those who dare to be different. Inspired by the exclusive rarity, bespoke luxury and the exhilarating performance of modern supercars, the KRAKEN GT unites the latest carbon-epoxy construction methodology and high-performance propulsion with unrivalled super yacht-level accommodation and finish.

The exterior is a dynamic blend of purposeful yet elegant lines enabled by cutting-edge carbon construction and represents an entirely new level against what is achievable in a modern yacht design. With a range of ambitious new electrified propulsion technologies under development, KRAKEN GT is designed to be as exhilarating to drive as it is a pleasure to own.

MAXIMUM SPEED55 knots / 100 km/h
RANGEElectric Hybrid – targeting 1000 miles
LENGTH60 ft / 18 metres (either Hybrid Electric or Diesel)
BEAM17.0 ft / 5.1 metres
DEADRISE20 degrees
CONSTRUCTIONEpoxy carbon fibre/Deep-V hull design
ENGINE OPTIONSAmbitious new electrified propulsion technologies under development