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Autonomous surface and sub-surface boat solutions

With both the commercial and security market trending towards greater remote and autonomous capabilities, Kraken Marine are developing solutions which integrate best in class commercially available equipment to achieve cohesive, cost-effective automation and autonomous solutions for surface and sub-surface vessels.

Communications, navigation and control systems

Building on the Kraken team’s experience of developing the remotely operated 75mph MV-1, Kraken Marine’s autonomous solutions use best-in-class partner communications, navigation and boat automation systems expertly integrated into surface and sub-surface platforms like Kraken’s own K40 MANTA to meet specific operational requirements and parameters.

Kraken Technology GroupAutonomy Image Name
Kraken Technology GroupAutonomy Image Name

Automation Prototype

MAXIMUM SPEED: 68kts / 75mph (remotely controlled)


POWERTRAIN: 2x Diesel engines

PROPULSION: Surface drives / surface-piercing propellors

CONSTRUCTION: Carbon Kevlar twin-stepped v-hull rigged for automation


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