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Advanced composite expertise

Kraken Marine pursue excellence in advanced composite boat design and manufacture. Using the latest materials, tooling, and design thinking to create novel whole boat or component structures, Kraken Marine aims to set new standards in strength, weight, durability and scalable manufacturing techniques for the maritime industry.

Kraken Technology GroupMarine Image Name

Kraken Marine continue to develop both the KRAKEN GT and K27 platforms to optimise structural design, design for manufacture and to streamline build processes.


Using advanced composite design and structures to deliver its high-performance, weight and handling attributes, the KRAKEN GT platform also delivers open plan, customer-configurable interior layout options and powertrain agnostic versatility.


Design optimised for powertrain agnostic fit-out (electric or ICE), and with multiple top deck variants, K27 is an exceptionally versatile development platform offering Kraken Marine engineers faster design iterations for experimental material, structural and technique development.


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