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British maritime company Kraken Technology Group (KTG) has announced a partnership with MSI-Defence Systems (MSI-DS) around key systems on its K50 KRAKEN maritime gunship.

UK based, MSI-DS are a land and naval weapon systems specialist with more than 120 years of experience in the defence industry. Specialising in precision engagement, weapons direction, remote situational awareness and hard kill on a range of host platforms, MSI-DS has developed cross-domain weapons platforms and control systems for naval, land, and littoral environments.

This partnership agreement reflects many areas of collaboration and development between both parties, specifically the integration of MSI-Defence Systems Seahawk Compact Weapon Station (CWS30) and LMM launcher (CWSM) into the K50 KRAKEN maritime precision engagement vessel. This will meet fast interception and interdiction requirements of navies, border forces and law-enforcement agencies.

Mal Crease, Founder and CEO of Kraken Technology Group, commented:

“We look forward to working with MSI-Defence Systems to equip the KRAKEN with their range of advance weapon systems. MSI-DS is well recognised for developing, delivering and supporting weapons systems with outstanding performance and precision. This partnership will deliver key aspects of the KRAKEN’s specific precision engagement requirements, which features 5 different types of inbuilt weapons systems covering air, surface and sub-surface.”

John Meldrum, Managing Director at MSI Defence Systems Limited, added:

“I believe the MSI-DS and Kraken partnership is a powerful combination, and we are looking forward to collaborating on the game-changing K50 KRAKEN platform. The fully equipped and definitive maritime precision engagement craft, complete with formidable weaponisation, will deliver unparalleled levels of performance, modularity and operational capability for modern green and brown water security operations.”


• Kraken Technology Group is a UK company founded in 2021 and structured around decades of cross-sector expertise and pioneering experience in the marine industry. 

• High-performance heritage is embedded in the company DNA and underpins both a disruptive and pioneering approach to maritime design and manufacturing. 

• KTG’s core management team come from a diverse range of marine, automotive and security backgrounds, with several having served operationally in the British and US Special Forces. 

• KTG acquired Vector Racing in 2021 to accelerate its ongoing development programme into high-performance alternative powertrain solutions. 

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• MSI Defence Systems Ltd is a world leader in weapon systems and gunfire technology, with a rich heritage stretching back over a century, and trusted by over 40 armed forces globally.

• MSI-DS specialise in remote situational awareness and hard kill on a range of host platforms; integrating an all-weather day and night EOS suite with effectors and Fire Control Systems for full target tracking, ballistic compensation, and options for increased target recognition intelligence.

• From naval roots, MSI-DS now operate across marine and land domains – delivering small/medium calibre gun systems, gunfire control technology, and remote weapon station. These platforms fulfil multi-role requirements for all classes of naval vessels and land-based platforms.

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