K50 Kraken

A Maritime Gunship

The K50 KRAKEN is a built-for-purpose, high-performance maritime platform capable of rapid response and swarmed force projection in defence of naval assets or sovereign waters, along with critical civil or commercial infrastructure protection.

Inspired by the efficacy of the heavily-weaponised, swarm-based, planing powerboats of the WW2 era, the K50 KRAKEN is every inch the spiritual successor to the renowned Motor Torpedo Boat, Motor Gun Boat and PT Boat-type craft. Engineered from the keel up as a fully integrated weapons platform to exceed anything currently available, the K50 KRAKEN simply delivers more performance, more effective strike capability and more mission-specific customisation. This combination of innovative engineering, diligent naval architecture and technology-enhanced operational capability makes the KRAKEN equally effective in both deterrent and effector roles.


The K50 KRAKEN gunship has been designed, engineered and manufactured to:

  • Provide unparalleled high-speed Maritime Precision Engagement capability. 
  • Enable a shift from larger, more vulnerable vessels to smaller platforms without a drop in capability. 
  • Deliver reconnaissance, strike and protection roles either independently or as part of a wider maritime task group. 
  • Neutralise aerial, surface and sub-surface threats out to 40km range. 
  • Allow an additional 1.5 tonnes of load carriage configurable to the mission type. 
  • Integrate C4I, autonomy and a modular approach to technology growth and innovation. 
  • Provide an operating base for deck-launched UAVs for ISTAR and strike roles. 
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LENGTH OVERALL: 15.25m / 50ft
BEAM OVERALL : 5m / 16ft
MAX SPEED : 65kts+
POWERTRAIN: Diesel with surface drive propulsion
CREW: 2 pilots / 2 operators – Optional 6x Assault Team