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Inspiration and responsibility

Having drawn inspiration from WW2 Motor Torpedo Boats in creating the K50 KRAKEN, Kraken Technology Group set up Kraken Heritage CIC to secure and restore a last-of-its-kind Vosper MTB and to preserve their story for future generations.

These remarkable wooden boats were built for speed and survivability, and their crews embraced a ‘no gun too big’ approach to equipping them for swarm and skirmish attacks, often successfully defeating much larger enemy vessels through superior numbers and firepower.

The Motor Torpedo Boat, operated by Royal Navy Coastal Forces, became known as the ‘Spitfire of the Seas’ in recognition of its defence of British shores in WW2, whilst the similar US PT Boats caused havoc in the Pacific campaigns.

As the makers of the MTB’s spiritual successor, Kraken Heritage CIC has been founded from a profound sense of responsibility to both honour and preserve this priceless maritime heritage, and to ensure that the contribution made by these ‘Iron Men in Wooden Boats’ is recognised and preserved for future generations.
Kraken Technology GroupHeritage Image Name


Kraken Heritage CIC acquired MTB-219 in 2021. She is the last of her kind Vosper-built 1941 Motor Torpedo Boat in need of complete restoration. Starting in 2022, Kraken Heritage CIC will be undertaking, documenting and sharing that journey with the public.


Kraken Heritage is a Community Interest Company with the preservation of MTB219 as its stated purpose, and as such donors can rest assured that all proceeds will be directed to that end.

You can directly support us in this crucial work and ensure this last-of-its kind national treasure and her history can continue to inspire future generations for many years to come by donating below.